My Go-To Spot for Workout Wear: Atlanta Activewear

Edgy lace print capris. Sports bras and tops in every hue of the rainbow. And Ms. Danielle Burke — queen of the activewear stylists (although her sister Donna of Yoga and Heels fame is right up there, too). Welcome to a trip to Atlanta Activewear.

Located in Virginia Highlands (but if you’re not in the ATL, no worries — there’s an online store, too), this shop has become my go-to spot for workout wear.

I discovered the boutique and its owner, Danielle, a little over a year ago. On my first trip, I realized what a gem this it is. (Actually, I’m wearing the Elisabetta Rogiani black leggings I purchased on that trip as I type this blog.) The prices are what you would expect to spend at Lululemon or Athleta, but the personalized styling, courtesy of Danielle, is what really sets this shopping experience apart. (And bonus, if you're a fitness instructor, you get a discount!)

It had been quite awhile since I’d invested in some new threads, so a few weeks ago, I decided to pay Danielle a visit. I told her that I was looking for a few new pairs of capris and/or leggings and a new sports bra or top — and then I set her lose.

That’s the awesome part of this shopping experience: Danielle knows the brands and styles she sells inside and out. She knows if certain things run small or big, and she knows what size will work best on you. (I like to call her my activewear fairy godmother.)

Also, I let her suggest certain looks — ehem, floral capris — that I would never pick out for myself. (The capris are pictured in the second photo, along with two items I had to put back — but will likely be back to buy later!) But once I’ve got them on, I always end up thinking, “Hey, this rocks!” By the end of my hour-long clothes tryonathon, here’s what I walked away with: 

  • RESE Rebecca Tank:  I settled on the hot pink and black — but I would have also bought the emerald and black and solid black versions had funds permitted.
  • RESE Eva Bra: Comfy, sleek looking, and holds the girls in place.
  • MPG Simha Capri: The snug fit ensures that these babies aren’t going anywhere during a run.
  • BodyRock Sport Lux CapriYes, I bought the floral capris. And you know what? I love them!
  • RESE Andrea Jacket: Stylish and functional. Would work at the yoga studio or at brunch with the girls.

And yes, everything is absolutely a “fit!” (Literally!)  

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