A Breathe of Fresh Air: Augusta’s Oxygen Fitness


Forty-five minutes of leg burning cycling blended with an upper body workout. When I read the Ripped Ride class description at Oxygen Fitness Studio, my first thought was, “Sign me up!” 

I’m a frequent visitor to Augusta (it’s where my family lives), and recently decided to try out a class at Oxygen. (It’s one of those places that I’ve seen many times but haven’t had time to check out.)

During a recent visit, I signed up for (and paid for — I was incognito that morning) a Saturday 10 a.m. Ripped Ride class. When I arrived at the studio, the service was excellent. I was shown how to set up a bike and given a tour of the studio, which provides a variety of other classes including hot yoga, barre, and ShockWave. They have plenty of water to refill your bottles and provide towels, too.

My instructor was Rich, who also checked on me prior to class, which I always appreciate. From what I understand, this class was a little different than usual, because they were about to transition to a new spin space. So, we used hand weights for the upper body work vs. resistance bands. (I opted for the two pound weights, given the high reps we did.)

What I loved about this format is that the upper body work was blended throughout the class vs. it just being one song at the end (like at FlyWheel). We did tricep pushups against the handle bars, overhead presses, and so much more — all while keeping our legs moving. And Rich was great about suggesting modifications to people who were struggling with the arm movements.

Oh, and then there was the fact that as a spin instructor, Rich rocked! The music was mostly dance and hip hop tunes (my favs) and his energy was awesome. It was, as Rich put it, “a sweat party!” And at $12 a class, you can bet that I’ll be back to visit this “fit” on future visits.

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