Hydration Fixation: Bamboo Juices


As I unscrewed the lid to my adorable glass bottle of Bamboo Juice's watermelon and basil concoction, I had the feeling I wouldn't be disappointed — and I was right.

According to the company’s website, Bamboo is a cold-pressed juice company developed by CEO Kelley Sibley that uses organic and high-quality ingredients to maximize the nutritional value of each juice.

The idea for the juices stemmed from Sibley’s 15 years of experience studying the diets and cultures of people who live in the world’s 5 “blue zones.” The website describes blue zones as “areas where people are 10 times more likely than Americans to live independently past the age of 100.”

Recently, the company provided me with a couple of their products to try including the basil and watermelon juice, vanilla and mint almond milk, and the Feel Better elixir. (Prices range from $4 for the elixirs to $9 for a bottle of almond milk. They also provide cleanses, if that’s your cup of tea.)

Each concoction has different health benefits. This juice is meant to hydrate, cleanse, and build the immune system. The almond milk is meant to cleanse the blood, and heal injuries and respiratory issues. The elixir (which includes lemon, cayanne, ginger, tumeric, and sea salt) is meant to cure a cold and reboot the immune system.

So, what was the verdict? I loved the flavor of the almond milk — it satisfied my dessert-loving sweet tooth. The juice was refreshing and was great post workout.

Now, the elixir — which was meant to be taken as a shot — packed quite a tangy flavor punch (just re-read the ingredient list above, and you’ll get me). I’m not sure if it really rebooted my immune system, but I’d like to think that it did. I’m a glass-is-half-full kind of gal. 

I would absolutely try this “fit” again, especially since the juices, milks, etc. are shipped directly to your home. I’m already fantasizing about trying the Deep Chocolate almond milk…

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