Getting Caught in the #YogaStorm: Thunderbolt Power Yoga


As the bass line of Beyonce’s Drunk in Love kicked in, and I shifted my body into downward dog, I could tell this wasn’t your average yoga class. Welcome to Power Beats at Thunderbolt Power Yoga in Atlanta. 

I’d heard about the new studio from another friend who teaches yoga at Thunderbolt and around town (shout out to Becky Cawood!!). And when I reached out to the studio about blogging about a class experience, Thunderbolt offered to host me. (Drop-in rates are $18 for a class, but there are other package options available.)

Because I like to take classes on the weekend but not too early in the morning, I opted to take Elizabeth’s noon option. You can choose from formats ranging from Power Flow Basics to a 75-minute Sky High Yoga class. I gravitated toward the Power Beats option because the description implied that the soundtrack would not be your average yoga tunes. And that was the first “fit” of the class — I loved that the play list included everything from Rihanna to Beyonce.

The next “fit” was that this was a hot yoga class. Actually, after this class, I’m no longer a hot yoga virgin. (If you’re not familiar with hot yoga, basically, the concept is that you’re doing yoga in a room where the heat is turned up.) I felt like the heat helped my muscles relax, which allowed me to stretch myself more when it came to holding poses. I may never do another non-heated yoga class again.  

I also really like the balance between holding poses and the flow component of the class. (FYI, if you’re brand new to yoga, I’d probably take the Power Flow Basics class first before diving into this one. The tempo was pretty quick, so if you’re not familiar with poses, you might get lost.)

In some classes, you hold poses for so long that your mind starts to wander. (And one of the things I like best about yoga, is that it’s an opportunity for me to focus on the moment.) But we flowed from one thing to another in such a way that my mind had to stay in the moment — if I didn’t want to fall over from lack of balance!

Then, there was Elizabeth. She was great about walking around and helping us with form and pressing us to go more deeply into poses. Best of all, she coached me through my first wall-assisted head stand, which was much appreciated!!

So, go ahead. Get caught in this yoga storm. “Fit!” 

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