Happy Feet: A Visit to Jiao Reflexology


Looks can be deceiving, and I’ll admit that if I hadn’t heard amazing things about Jiao Reflexology, I probably wouldn’t have ever thought to stop in. 

Located in a strip mall in Midtown Atlanta, the exterior of Jiao looks like it could either be legit — or a potentially seedy spot. But as soon as you walk through the doors, you realize that this is a top-notch operation. 

I’d been given a gift certificate for an hour-long foot massage (which runs about $35), and stopped in during my lunch break. (I would recommend that you call and make an appointment, as I ended up waiting about 10-15 minutes before someone freed up to work on me.) 

When it’s time for your appointment, you are escorted from the reception area back into the treatment space. Jiao offers a variety of massage options, but like I said, I was here to get my footsies taken care of. So, I was taken into a room with several comfy large arm chairs with foot stools. One of the attendants brought me a cup of tea and cookie, and a snuggly blanket for my legs. It was quite cozy.

After a foot soak, my reflexology therapist, Tom, came and started to work his magic. Now, be warned that this is not a relaxing massage — it’s one of those no pain, no gain situations. Tom used thumb and finger pressure to work on reflexive points of my feet to release tension (and also promote well being throughout the body). There were a few moments where the pressure was intense. But, Tom would follow it up with massage that was less intense. The last 10 or so minutes of the hour were spent working on my shoulders, neck, and head — which was lovely, too.

I left ready to take on my heels for the second half of the day. And for $35, you can bet I will be back to experience this “fit” for my feet soon.

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