A Sunday Sweat Sesh at SVELTE


“When I hear SVELTE, I think of a giant Swedish guy meeting me at the door and saying ‘Velcome to SVELTE.’” — this is what my friend, Stephanie, said when I told her I was visiting the new sweat spot in Brookhaven.

No, there were no svelte Swedes awaiting me. Instead, on a rainy Sunday morning, I was greeted by Ms. Donna Burke (known in the ATL for her Yoga in Heels blog). The space is fresh, clean, and decorated in cheerful whites. (The ladies who run the studio — Elizabeth Davis and Jenny Busing — have thought of every detail down to mints in the restroom and a water bottle filling station at the water fountain.)

Another bonus is that the barre, Pilates, and yoga classes offered start at $14 for an individual class, which ain’t bad given most studio classes start at around $20. (Disclaimer, I got to try my class for free.)  

Donna was my instructor for the 9 a.m. sweat session. When I arrived, I tucked my bag and shoes away into one of the cubbies and put on my “sticky” socks (many wear these socks that have tread on the bottom for barre class to provide traction, since the floor is usually hardwood).


I grabbed a blue ball and a pair of light whites and grabbed my spot at the barre. And then it was time to pulse — and pulse some more! For the next hour, Donna led us through SVELTE’s signature barre workout, which focuses on arms, then legs and lower body, and finally core, using the toys I’ve already mentioned and a band that looks a bit like a torture device (this seems to be the case with so many of the best fitness toys...). 

This workout is all about the resistance work, so don’t go into it expecting a sweaty cardio burn. BUT, you will feel a burn from all of the small movements you’ll pulse your way through.

And BTW, Donna was an excellent instructor. She walked around throughout the class to correct form, was an awesome cheerleader who recognized people who were rocking it by name, and played fabulous tunes (there’s nothing like a little I’m Too Sexy by Right Said Fred to get you going on a Sunday!).    

The verdict? The combo of the low class price with the kick butt (literally) class makes my SVELTE experience a “fit” that I’m eager to try again.

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