Getting Steamed at the Barnsley Resort Spa

My head was the only part of my body visible to my esthetician Bryan — because the rest of my body was covered by a giant, black pop-up “tent” that was gradually filling with steam.

After my clay shooting lesson the day before, which was followed by a run and weights (I know — I’m a bit of a fitness nut...), I was ready for my Sunday morning spa visit at Barnsley Resort. (Again, here’s my disclaimer: the spa visit was complimentary as part of my article research for Urban Lux.)

The spa is located in a cute little barn by the pool and tennis courts. Inside, it’s cozy (meaning that the treatment rooms are sprinkled throughout, so there isn’t one area that’s relaxation space and one area that is for treatment rooms). You’ll find amenities like a sauna and co-ed whirlpool. Oh, and there is hot tea and some nuts and dried fruits to enjoy.

I opted for the 60-minute Barnsley Signature Body Treatment. Bryan kicked things off with a dry exfoliation, which was accomplished with using a dry brush on my skin. Next, rose oil was rubbed into my muscles, and then the tent contraption was placed over me to allow for the steam treatment.

With my head being the only thing not under the giant tent, Bryan was able to do a mini facial, which included a facial cleanse and an oatmeal mask — which smelled delish! Once my steam was complete, Bryan wrapped things up by massaging rose-scented lotion over the oil. My skin was in heaven.

I think that these types of treatments that provide a taste of multiple treatments (i.e., exfoliation, massage, steam, and a facial) give a lot of bang for your buck. My time on the table and in the tent were an absolute “fit” that I would recommend to anyone looking for a spa adventure that’s an easy drive away from Atlanta. 

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