Getting Stuck on a Sunday: Atlanta’s Hydro-Clinic


You might get an IV with a bag of fluids to rehydrate when you’ve had a severe case of the flu or food poisoning — so why not try it when you have a killer hangover or you’ve just run a marathon?

This is the idea behind Atlanta’s latest recovery option: the Hydro-Clinic, which I was recently invited to try. (Yes, the treatment was comped, kids. They usually range in price from $29 for the most basic to $99 for a full detox with all the bells and whistles.)

I thought I was being crafty by scheduling my appointment for a Sunday after what I thought would be an alcohol-filled girls night to see Chelsea Handler. Unfortunately, I actually felt pretty good going into my first visit to the Buckhead location (the clinic currently has this location and one opening soon in Vegas, but this type of IV therapy is becoming more common throughout the U.S.).

When I arrived, I was escorted back to a room with a comfy leather recliner and a flat screen TV and chatted with the licensed medical professionals as they tried to find a vein to tap into. And there was my major issue — my veins didn’t want to cooperate. The staffers had to try three different spots before one of my veins FINALLY decided to work with us. (Although the stick of the needle that attaches to the IV isn’t bad at all, it starts to wear on you after the second or third time...)

Since there wasn’t really anything wrong with me (you can have medicine added to the fluids if, for example, you have a headache or an upset stomach), I just had the basic bag of fluids: sodium, potassium, calcium, chloride, and lactate.

I was lucky enough to have people (including Dr. Robert Kaufmann who is one of the clinic’s owners and has practiced internal medicine in Atlanta and Woodstock for more than 24 years) stop in and chit chat with me while I waited for the contents of the bag to make their way into my system.

Thirty minutes later, I was ready to go. Now, I have to admit that I didn’t really feel all that different. But the technicians who worked with me mentioned that people who come in feeling symptoms of dehydration or other illness typically experience the greatest results.

Actually, my friend, Donna Burke (she write the Yoga in Heels blog), recently wrote about her experience at the Hyrdro-Clinic after running multiple races — she felt 100 percent better. (And apparently, the techs didn’t have a hard time finding a vein that would cooperate on Donna. Click here to read about Donna’s experience.)

My other problem is that my uncooperative veins resulted in some serious bruising on my arms (I think I’m just a delicate flower when it comes to bruising…), which lasted for more than a week. So, it was kind of frustrating to go to the trouble of getting my arms beat up and not really experience any noticeable results.

The concept, the customer service, and the experience of this visit were a "fit," but the treatment itself isn’t something I’d just go and do for the heck of it. But if you have a hangover or have just run a race, give it a shot — that’s what I plan to do the next time I’m in need of some serious hydration.

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