Feeling the Burn: Roc House Women's Fitness Spa

A few of the "toys" we used in Roc Bottom. 

A few of the "toys" we used in Roc Bottom. 

Squats, lunges, jumping rope — sometimes the the simplest exercises can leave your legs giving you "feedback" (thanks for the new word Tammy Stokes!) for days. This is the fitness lesson I was recently reminded of at Roc House Women's Fitness Spa.

Last month, I was invited to try a class at the Buckhead fit spot and decided to take the Roc Bottom class, which was offered at noon on Monday. (Disclaimer folks, the class was a freebie.)  

I'd been to Roc House just before it opened (click here for the blog I wrote), and the facility is a beauty. It's for women only and in addition to offering a variety of fitness classes (ranging from cycling to TRX) and a fully stocked cardio and resistance training area, there's also a spa and cafe.

After checking in, I met up with my friend, Katie, in the fitness studio where the class was being held. Dominque was our instructor for the 30-minute adventure. We went through about four circuits each made up of two to three exercises ranging from lunges to squat throws with a medicine ball to jumping rope. And we did do some cardio bursts like jump lunges and the jumping rope, so be prepared to sweat.

By the end of the 30 minutes my butt was kicked — literally. Dominque did a great job of taking us through the exercises and motivating us along the way. The only thing I found a little odd is that when she arrived, she asked if we'd already warmed up, which we hadn't. Maybe she assumes that since it's such a short class we would have? Anyway, she did take us through a warm-up, so I was happy.

Also, the Roc Bottom class is followed by another 30-minute class, which Katie and I weren't planning to stay for. But I guess Dominque assumed we were staying, because she didn't announce when the first class had finished. (I asked, and then Katie and I made our exit for the cafe.)

Regardless, I would certainly return for another class — fit! My legs hurt so good from the workout. And I've heard great things about Takeela and would like to give one of her classes a shot.

Katie and me looking super excited about lunch in the cafe. 

Katie and me looking super excited about lunch in the cafe. 

And you know what else was a fit? The food at the cafe. It's by far the best "gym food" I've ever had — and it was healthy and fresh. Katie had a smoothie, which I had a sip of, that was delish. And I had a wrap with grilled chicken, veggies, and a spicy-sweet Asian sauce that was shut- your-mouth delicious and nutritious (i.e., the calorie count was reasonable and the ingredients were healthy). Heck, if it were closer, I'd probably just go to Roc House for lunch alone.

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