A Spa with a View: The Boulders, A Waldorf Astoria Resort

The view from the Tea Room in the spa.  

The view from the Tea Room in the spa. 

Giant red boulders, cactus, and vibrant blue sky — that was my view as I waited in the Tea Room (one of the multiple relaxation spots) in the spa at The Boulders, A Waldorf Astoria Resort

Before arriving at The Boulders, I spent two nights at the Four Seasons property in Scottsdale, enjoying the spa, hiking, and the amazing food and wine. The next stop on my itinerary for the American Fitness Magazine and Urban Lux assignments I was working on was this well-known desert spa. (Again, the experiences I'm about to describe were hosted, folks.)

The Boulders spa was easily one of the largest I've been to. And as you'll read, what I enjoyed most about it is the views. Too often, I visit spas at the beach or in the mountains, but the space doesn't take advantage of the amazing surroundings. (Instead, many spas are in dark corners or basements of the properties.)

From the moment you enter this well spot, you are surrounded by the sound of water features, which are located throughout the spa area, and floor-to-ceiling views of the boulders that back up to the pool and spa.

I arrived a few hours prior to my first appointment, which was a private yoga session, to enjoy the adults-only pool. Peaceful is the best word to describe this area, which also features the same million dollar boulder views that the spa interior does.

Since I didn't want to eat too much before yoga, I ordered a smoothie from the spa cafe (which offers a variety of yummy wraps, salads, etc.). I opted for a blueberry and banana version — and FYI, ask for chia seeds to be added, even though they aren't on the menu.

I had a few moments before yoga, so I did about 10 minutes of resistance training in the well-equipped weight and cardio room (which also offers amazing views). (In addition to this fitness room, the spa also provides a variety of fitness classes for resort and spa guests to choose from.)

I've never had the chance to do a private yoga session and really enjoyed the 50 minutes that I spent with my practitioner, Jill. She was able to offer me guidance on my Vinyasa flow form and encouraged me to try things like "flipping the dog," which I wouldn't have been comfortable trying in a class environment (for fear that I would fall over and hurt my back!).

After yoga, I met my therapist, Janet, for the Yuzu Sage Splash spa treatment I'd signed up for. For the next 50 minutes, I enjoyed an exfoliation with hot oil, herbs, and other desert-inspired ingredients, which was showered off with the fabulous Vichy system (a line of horizontal water jets that pour water over your body — I would be happy with 50 minutes of this alone). Then, after I was dried off, Janet applied a herb-infused moisturizer. My sun-soaked skin was good as new.

Following my treatment, I opted to simply enjoy a cup of hot tea and some dried fruit in the Tea Room overlooking the boulders. But guests can also partake in the sauna, steam room, or snuggle up in the relaxation room in the locker room (which features those snuggly blankets I love).

By the end of my afternoon, I felt relaxed and ready to take on the rental car return and flight home to Atlanta the next morning. The whole experience at this spa was a "fit," but I'd especially recommend the yoga experience. If you like to downward dog, a private session will be a "fit" for you, too. 

For more information about other must-sees in Scottsdale, visit ExperienceScottsdale.com.

So, folks, it's time for me to take my annual summer blogcation. If you want to keep up with my fit and well antics, be sure to follow me on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram (where I'll still provide regular updates). I'll be back the first Tuesday of August with my latest adventures, which will include trying out True Food Kitchen in Atlanta, visiting a few spas in Seattle, and my take on Pure Organic Bars. Until then, stay FWABulous — and enjoy your July!!

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