A Formidable Workout: FORME Fitness

Donna getting her pulse on. 

Donna getting her pulse on. 

There's nothing like sweating through a dance-inspired workout — and being able to scope out your next workout wear purchase in the process. Welcome to FORME fitness classes. 

These workouts are created by Donna, one of those fabulous Burke sisters who are behind Atlanta Activewear in Virginia Highlands. Classes are offered several mornings and evenings throughout the week in the AA boutique. (Disclaimer, kids, my class was a freebie.)

A few weeks ago, I finally had a chance to stop in and get my pulse on during a morning class. First off, you're encouraged to bring your own yoga mat and water. (Also, if you're anything like me, bring a towel to soak up the sweat!) And sticky socks (the kind that have tread on the bottom) are also a must.

For an hour, Donna led our group of about six to seven ladies through a full-body toning workout, using a resistance band. (It's kind of like a Fly Barre or Pure Barre-type of class — think small muscle movements, like pulsing, that really make your muscle work in ways that it doesn't usually.) Each high-energy song focuses on a different muscle group, and we eventually ended up on the floor for a good 10 minutes of stretching — which I love and appreciate. 

I would absolutely go back to the class on my own dime, since it's not too pricey (a single class is $12), and the location is in my neck of the woods. Oh, and I love that you can get fit and find your next perfect-fitting workout capris or sports top, too!

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