A Fit Retreat, Thanks to the Beach: The Waterstone Resort and Marina

The lake where I had my kayaking adventure. (Sorry, no photos of me in the kayak, given my history with dropping phones/cameras in water.)

The lake where I had my kayaking adventure. (Sorry, no photos of me in the kayak, given my history with dropping phones/cameras in water.)

“Please don’t hit me.” That was the thought that was on repeat in my mind as I paddled away from the Waterstone Resort and Marina.

But first, a little background. This summer, the resort, which is located in one of my favorite beach locations — Boca Raton, FL, hosted me for a visit  for an upcoming Points North Magazine article.

The newly renovated Doubletree property (stay tuned for the article, where I’ll give you all of the amazing details about the accommodations, food, etc.) offers a variety of water sports ranging from paddle boarding to surfing lessons. And that’s how I found myself in a little one-seater kayak hoping that one of the mega yachts coming through Lake Boca wouldn’t mow me down.

Yes, I was a little nervous going into the experience, but the truth is — I loved it! Once I was reminded of how to effectively use a paddle to move about (you should have seen me when I first got into the kayak…), I had a blast.

The guy who was running the water sports operation that morning did a great job of explaining what to do, where to go, etc. So, once I was in the middle of the lake (where the boats were anchored and not coming at me), I was good to go. For the next hour, I did several zig zags through the lake, enjoying the different workout challenge.

But the best was yet to come. The same afternoon, a local yoga instructor, Lexay, met me downstairs and we were dropped off at the beach (which is about a block away) for my one-hour private beach yoga lesson. (The yoga lesson is another experience that the Waterstone offers.)

The hotel provided cold water and towels and mats, and Lexay provided me with the most authentic hot yoga experience ever — because it was 3 p.m. on a sunny Sunday in South Florida.  

This practice focused more on holding poses and stretches, and poses where I was not on my feet as much, given the instability of the sand. And the sand did make things more challenging, both because of its unevenness but also because it can be a challenge to focus on breathing and poses when you are covered in sweat and sand.

But sand and sweat aside, I loved the experience. I liked not being in a studio, and I liked the challenge of having to dig deep to not focus on the elements. 

Thanks to the Waterstone, I had a chance to try two new fitsperiences — and left this beach retreat knowing that I’d found a few new "fits."

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