Tasty and Healthy Make Magic at Atlanta’s True Food Kitchen

Me with my delicious bowl of Red Chili Shrimp.  

Me with my delicious bowl of Red Chili Shrimp. 

As I slurped up the sesame noodles laced with shrimp, spinach, and shiitake mushrooms, I knew two things — my taste buds were tantalized, and my lunch was actually doing my body good. Tthat is the beauty of Atlanta’s latest eat spot addition: True Food Kitchen

The healthy restaurant concept, which has locations in Arizona, California, and a few other spots, is the brainchild of Dr. Andrew Weil, a well-known proponent of following an anti-inflammatory diet. According to Weil, chronic inflammation is the root of many serious diseases. So, following this type of eating plan can help folks maintain optimum health throughout life. (See Weil’s anti-inflammatory food pyramid for more.)

All of True Food’s dishes take this way of eating into account. So, you’ll find everything from fresh juices like Kale-Aid (kale, apple, cucumber, celery, lemon, and ginger) to grass-fed bison burgers.

When I visited the new location here in Atlanta (which is in Buckhead at Lenox Square Mall), I ordered the Red Chili Shrimp. (I was lucky enough to be invited to enjoy a special hosted lunch prior to the official opening.) If I hadn’t had to go back to my day job, I also would have enjoyed one of the many wine, beer, and cocktail options. Instead, my friend, Beth, and I enjoyed the lemon-ginger frozen yogurt — which was delightful!

The food was absolutely a “fit” for me — I love it when finding healthy menu options is so easy, rather than a chore. The only tricky part is that I know this resto is going to be quite a popular place in the months to come, which means it’s likely to be packed regularly. But when I’m in the neighborhood, you can bet I’ll be back to see whether the line is bearable.

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