The Best Barre in Buckhead: barre3 Studio

My FWABulous instructor, Jessica, and I pose for a post-barre pic.  

My FWABulous instructor, Jessica, and I pose for a post-barre pic. 

Another hardwood floor studio bathed in natural light, surrounded with a ballet barre and mirrors. The signature squishy balls and light weights that go hand-in-hand with every barre class I’ve ever taken. When I walked into the the barre3 studio in Buckhead a few weeks ago, I expected a pretty standard barre class experience — but I was pleasantly surprised by what I found. 

Recently, I was invited to try a class at the studio and decided to give it a shot over my lunch break. (I love knocking out a workout — especially one where I get results but don’t have to get too sweaty — during my lunch hour.) 

When I arrived, I was greeted by the staff and my instructor, Jessica. (BTW, sticky socks — the ones with the tread on the bottom are optional at this studio.) The studio is small but offers amenities such as child care (for a small extra charge), lockers, towels, and fresh filtered water. Jessica was excellent about showing me what I needed, asking about any injuries, etc. 

But here’s where I was really impressed — this barre workout incorporates yoga into the more traditional pulsing moves at the barre and on the floor. For example, at the beginning of class, we warmed up, but we also held a series of standing balance poses and planks to work on balance and breathing. 

I loved that Jessica was constantly walking around the room, correcting form, and asking people if they needed a modified move that would make it easier for them to do things correctly. I could tell that she really knew what she was talking about, which is so important (especially when a lack of knowledge can end up hurting clients). 

Much like the other classes I’ve taken, movements were dictated by songs. So, a song or two might focus on arm movements with light weights, or another song or two would focus on standing leg work. There were lots of small movements and high repetitions. 

They say the mark of whether you’re doing things correctly is that your muscles start to shake — and boy did my legs do just that while I was working through some of those standing leg exercises, in particular. (The same shaking was quite noticeable in my abs during the core work we did toward the end of class.) 

By the end of the hour, I felt like I had experienced a perfect blend of mind-and-body-style yoga and the muscle workout that I expect during a barre class. It was a “fit” that provided the best of both worlds. And right now, the studio is offering a deal for new clients where you can buy three classes for $30 (a single class is $20). Get it while you can, folks! 

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