Chaturangas With a Side of Core Work: Exhale’s Core Fusion Yoga


When I walk into a yoga studio, and I see a gong, I know things are about to get serious. Or at least that's how I felt when I walked into my Core Fusion Yoga class at Exhale.

I recently popped into the Midtown Atlanta location in the Loews Atlanta Hotel — but FYI, folks, another Atlanta area location is opening up north in Avalon — for a Saturday class with the awesome Kristin (who will now be teaching at the Avalon location — I'll miss you, lady!). There are a few reasons why I enjoy Exhale so much. First off, parking is complimentary. I also really like the class spaces, the locker room, and the instructors I’ve met for everything from cycling to barre. (And BTW, folks, I was hosted for this particular class.) 

The yoga studio is a separate room that has a fabulous view of Peachtree Street and the gong that I mentioned. Kristin was wonderful about going around the room and introducing herself to people prior to class. And throughout the class, I loved that she walked around adjusting people’s form and offering modifications. 

The Exhale approach to yoga blends flow yoga with the core workout that their classes are known for. For example, we did sun-salutations and warrior poses, which would be followed by sequences of isolated thigh, arm, and ab work. For an hour, Kristin worked both our minds and bodies until we were sweaty and our cores were begging for mercy. 

So, what did I think? I love Kristin’s teaching style (I’ve taken her classes before), and I enjoyed the yoga aspect of the class. However, when given the preference, I’d rather be challenged by the flows and poses vs. the more athletic core exercises we would occasionally do. I guess I’m more of a yoga purist. This particular class wasn’t a complete “fit” for me, but I’d definitely recommend it to others — especially those who are looking to try yoga but prefer a more athletic approach.

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