Take It Outside: 5 Atlanta Spots for Getting Active Outdoors


From horseback riding to hiking in a bamboo forest, Atlanta offers up some pretty cool spots for enjoying the outdoors. And thanks to a recent article I wrote for Simply Buckhead, I got to learn all about five of them. 

Before the next issue of the magazine comes out, I wanted to share this piece with y'all for two reasons. First off, it was my first official "cover story" for a magazine, which was a goal I've wanted to accomplish since I was a teenager with big dreams of moving to NYC and being the youngest editor and chief of Cosmopolitan. Second, yes, that's me in the picture. I actually got to do a photo shoot and be a model for the article! (And a huge "thank you" goes to Scott Reeves for the beautiful job he did with my photos!!) 

So, give this piece a read, head to at least one of these spots, and enjoy these last few weeks of warm-enough weather, folks!  

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