Feeling Long, Lean, and Fit: Lunch at Pink Barre


“Am I crazy?” That’s what was going through my mind as my thighs started to intensely shake during a recent lunchtime class at the Pink Barre studio in Buckhead.

And yes, I am a little bit crazy, because sometimes I’d rather enjoy a barre class vs. a burger on my lunch break. On this particular day, I was visiting one of Atlanta’s latest barre studio additions, Pink Barre, for one of there Barre Classic classes. (And disclaimer, y’all, they did offer to host me for this class).  

From the moment I arrived in the studio, Kirstin (who would be my instructor), made me feel welcome. She gave me a little tour of the studio, told me where to stash my bag, and showed me the gear I needed to grab for class. (And yes, be sure to bring those sticky socks with you!) 


For the next 55 minutes, we pulsed and tucked our way through arm, core, and leg exercises — a very similar format to what you’d do in other barre classes at studios around town. Although, in my opinion, there wasn’t anything groundbreakingly different about this particular barre format, Kirstin taught a solid and challenging workout. She was awesome about coming around and correcting form or providing modifications, and made the time fly by as my muscles were “shaken" into submission. 

So, would I go back? Absolutely. I got a great workout and really enjoyed my instructor. And the nice thing about Pink Barre is there are locations all around town. Whether you’re near Emory University or Virginia Highlands (this location should be opening soon), Pink Barre has you covered. So, the next time you’re hankering to tuck and shake, give this “fit” a shot!  

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Amelia Pavlik2 Comments