Visiting the Cycologist: Cyc Indoor Cycling Comes to Atlanta

“Bam! Bam, bam!” The attention-grabbing sound of the stick hitting the hand drum immediately caught my attention. It was the last thing I expected to hear in my first Cyc Buckhead class — but I loved it.

These days, I feel like if I’m trying a new class it’s always cycling, yoga, or barre (the three “it” classes of the moment). So, when I was invited to the very first Cyc class at its newest location at The Forum Athletic Club in Atlanta, I jumped at it. (Cyc also has locations in NYC, Texas, and Wisconsin.)

The complimentary 45-minute class was actually being taught by Keoni Hudoba, the creator of the Cyc method, which I was super "cyc'd" to experience. Thanks to Atlanta traffic on a weekday evening, I managed to roll into Cyc moments before class began. I had just enough time to borrow a pair of cycling shoes (you can rent a pair for a small fee) and get clipped into my bike before Keoni started to work his magic. 

So, what is the Cyc method, you ask? Well, weights are incorporated into different parts of the class, and you go through movements inspired by more than 20 different sports such as boxing, volleyball, and swimming. So, for example, I did everything from punching combos to a movement mimicking the backstroke to jump shots with my arms. (Being a former cardio kickboxing instructor, I have to say I particularly enjoyed the boxing combos.) And, of course, there was the amazing leg workout of hills, sprints, etc. that you always get when you take a solid spin class. 

On top of the kick ass workout, Keoni’s energy was intoxicating. Although I haven’t had a chance to take another Cyc class yet, I’m guessing that the drum that he’d beat throughout class to the rhythm of the music is probably unique to him — but it would be fabulous if that was a part of every class! Throughout the 45 minutes, his words pulled us along, pushing us through those moments when your muscles are begging for a break. From one instructor to another, I was impressed. 

So, I’m sure you won’t be surprised when I say that this class was an absolute “fit.” I can’t wait to visit the cycologist again!

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