The Bars that are Built On Kindness: Be Kind Snacks

Cranberry almond with macadamia nuts. Caramel almond and sea salt. The flavor names alone for the Be Kind snack bars had me craving one before I even had a chance to taste one. 

I’ve tried a lot of bars over the years, but when I discovered these a few years ago at Trader Joe’s, they became a go-to. And recently, those “kind” folks over at Be Kind sent some samples my way to try for the blog. Needless to say, I was more than happy to taste a few of my old favorites and several flavor combos that were new to me. 

Here’s what I thought about each one I tried: 

  • Caramel Almond and Sea Salt. Delicious — like a candy bar, but better for me.
  • Dark Chocolate Mocha Almond. Good if you like coffee. I’m not a huge fan of coffee and mocha flavors, so this one wasn’t my favorite. 
  • Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate. Let’s face it — it’s hard to go wrong with this flavor combo. 
  • Almond and Coconut. Tasty, but a little too sweet and rich for me. 
  • Fruit and Nut. Always a good option that combines dried fruit and nuts. 
  • Cranberry Almond with Macadamia Nuts. Love this one. The cranberries and macadamia nuts are delicious together. 

So, “fit” or a “miss?” I’m going to say most of the options were a "fit." These sweet bars will stay on the top of my pic list.

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