A Wake-Up Call for My Core: Exhale’s Core Fusion Extreme Class


Screaming. That’s what my muscles were doing as I knocked out the last 10 of 40 seconds of piking and push-uping with my feet suspended in that contraption known as a TRX. It was 6 a.m. on a Friday  — and I was having a kick-ass time at Exhale in Midtown Atlanta

This is a little peek at the Core Fusion Extreme (CFX) class that I was recently invited to try at Exhale. First off, I’ve always enjoyed Exhale’s classes, but generally, I’ve stuck with the barre and yoga options. But CFX is all about cardio and power.

How does it work, you ask? When I checked in at the front desk, I received a number, which indicated the station I was starting at. Then, after dropping my stuff off in the locker room, I headed to the yoga room where class was about to get started. 

There were five stations, and at each station there were two exercises, which we did for 40 seconds each, twice. Over the course of the hour, we went through the circuit of five stations twice. At the beginning of class, Patti (our fabulous instructor — especially for 6 a.m.!), went through all of the exercises. But don’t worry — there are signs at each station to remind you what to do. 

For example, at one station we alternated between the piking and push-ups that I mentioned earlier and side planks, while at another we did plyo jump squats and diagonal jumps. The exercise that really kicked my butt? The table top crawl. Geez, did that burn the second time through the circuit. But Patti kept us motivated throughout and would always let us know when we were on those last 10 seconds.  

So, the class started with a quick warm-up, then we went through the circuit once. The second time through the circuit, we did an “active recovery” exercise in between each station (think yoga-inspired movements that allow you to catch your breath while continuing to engage your muscles). We wrapped up with a little seated core work and a few stretches. 

The next thing I knew, it was 7 a.m., and I’d gotten in an amazing cardio and strength workout. (BTW, the key to success is making sure that you don’t use up all of your energy during the first round. Work hard, but don’t use all of that energy up too early on.) If you’re looking for a high- intensity interval training workout, this “fit” is a must-try, folks. 

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