Midtown’s New Studio Shining Star — Stellar Bodies Atlanta

Hanging out with the awesome Amy after class.

Hanging out with the awesome Amy after class.

“Don’t you dare give up!” That’s what I was telling myself as my right leg (which, BTW,  felt like Jello) slid out into the last of the inner thigh exercises on the SPX contraption that had humbled me throughout class. My ass was literally being kicked in this Stellar Bodies class — and I was loving/hating every second. 

A few weeks ago, I was invited to preview a class at the new Stellar Bodies location in Midtown. I’ve visited the studio’s Buckhead location on Roswell Road (which is in the same shopping center with greats including Thunderbolt Power Yoga and Icebox Cryotherapy), and had such great experience that I was more than happy to check out the new studio. (Disclaimer, y’all, my class was on the house.) 

Since the studio is right up the road from my day job at Georgia Tech, I opted for a noon class, which was taught by Amy, one of the co-owners of the concept. BTW, if you have sticky socks (which most people use in barre-based classes, because they provide traction with their sticky bottoms), go ahead and bring ‘em, as you don’t wear any shoes. Now, back to the SPX contraption…

SPX is a Pilates-based class that is based around something called the Megaformer machine (and with its springs and pulleys, it does look a bit like a torture contraption). For the next 50 minutes, Amy took us through a full-body workout moving around the Megaformer. Throughout the class, she would have us change the spring location on the machine — which would alter the resistance.

The class takes typical exercises like lunges and spices them up with the moving platform on the Megaformer and various cables for the upper body. Like many Pilates classes, there is a lot of repetitive movements and holding positions. You know, the kind of movements that you don’t do much, and when you do, your body feels it — in a good way. Amy did an awesome job of cheering us on and helping me with my form (the more exhausted your muscles get, the harder it is to maintain it).

By the end of the class, I was drenched in sweat and had been reminded of why I need to integrate this “fit” into my workout sched more frequently. If you’re interested in giving SPX a shot, find out more at the grand opening of the Midtown location this Thursday, April 16, from 5-7 p.m. Guests will enjoy healthy drinks provided by Bamboo Juice, lite bites from Bantam and Biddy, and a Braid Bar by GlowDry. Just be sure to RSVP ASAP to stellarbodiesatl@gmail.com!

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