The Must-Have for the Studio Class Set: ClassPass

From Thunderbolt Power Yoga to Flywheel, the variety of classes I could take thanks to a little concept called “ClassPass” made me feel like I’d died and gone to fit and well heaven. 

So, how does it work, you ask? Well, for a flat fee each month ($79-99, depending on the city), you can attend fitness classes at a variety of studios (think Pilates, barre, bootcamp, yoga, and more).

Even better is that you can take up to three classes at each studio per month. (Disclaimer y’all, the ClassPass folks did invite me to try the service for a month on the house.) And ClassPass is offered in cities from Los Angeles to London, so even if you’re not in the ATL, you can partake in classes for a small fee.  

I will admit that I did not get to use the pass as much as I would have liked to. (I managed to do about one class per week, given my crazy schedule that month.) But, when I did, it was a piece of cake. All I’d do is go in to the ClassPass website — there’s an app for iPhone, too — and register for the class of my choice. I could also segment classes by neighborhood, so it was easy to figure out what was nearby. 

I loved that I was able to take classes at studios that I adore — such as Torq Cycle Atlanta, Thunderbolt, and Exhale - Atlanta — with such ease. (And there are other favs like FORME, Pink Barre, and Stellar Bodies on the list that I wasn't able to make it to during my one-month trial.) And did I mention that they are constantly adding new studios (for example, Exhale was added during the month I participated), and you can cancel your membership at anytime? A total “fit” for me.

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