An Experience that Will Bowl You Over: Lunch at Dragon Bowl


Melt-in-your-mouth grilled ribeye, kimchi pickles, lettuce, sesame spinach, and bean sprouts covered with a fried egg (nice runny yolk temporarily in tact) over a bed of exotic-sounding “dragon” rice — behold the deliciousness that was the BiBimBap bowl I recently devoured at the nosh spot known as Dragon Bowl

Recently, I was invited to visit the Asian restaurant located near Emory University, and I gladly accepted. (So, disclaimer, y’all, lunch was on the house. But you know I'm always going to tell you like it is.) Dragon Bowl comes to us from the same folks who brought Atlanta Doc Chey’s, and the concept is this: “Keep it simple. Keep it fresh. Keep it real.”

What does this boil down to? A menu that is based around simple, Asian-inspired bowls that include seasonal ingredients and things like their hand-mixed rice grain blend and eco-friendly approaches to running the biz like serving the takeout food in 100 percent compostable/recyclable packaging.  

So, I enlisted the help of my friend, Beth, and we headed to the resto for lunch. It's a pretty laid back spot, but the service was spot on. As I mentioned, I opted for the BiBimBap, while Beth chose a yummy curry. (BTW, she was a huge fan of the carrots that were part of her mix.) But if you’d rather create a custom bowl, that’s always an option, too.  

To complement our bowls, we enjoyed an order of the summer rolls (think the egg roll’s cooler, nonfried, stuffed-with-basil cousin). And last but not least, glasses of the house lemonade, which was not too sweet and included healthy add-ins like organic apple cider vinegar and flaxseed — both of which you never would have known were there.   

We left feeling full, satisfied, and happy knowing that lunch had been both tasty and healthy. So, the next time you’re looking for a new lunch or dinner spot, give this “fit” a try — you might just be bowled over by the experience. 

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