Planning on Point: The Fancy Pants Start Planner


From my love for the Container Store (and ability to buy containers for no reason other than I know I WILL need it one day) to my color-coded iCals, I am a sucker for organization. So, it was natural that the Fancy Pants Start Planner and I would eventually meet.

Sure, it’s great to have to-do lists and calendars on iPhones, but I’ve missed my chic leather-bound planners of the past. And with the new year around the corner, it’s the perfect time to invest in a tool that’s going to help you plan for all of your 2017 health and wellness goals.

Recently, the folks at Start offered to send me one of their signature Fancy Pants planners (yes, it was a freebie, folks) to see what it’s all about. (BTW, the company offers several options that suit a variety of planner needs.)  

Y’all, I won’t keep you in suspense for long — this grey leather beauty with gold accents on the interior was a “fit” for me! Here’s why…

The planner comes with page inserts for easy replacements. There is a goal section to help you plan ahead and put them down in a centralized place where you can go back and find them. There’s also a financial section to keep track of budgets, savings, mileage, etc.

The Start peeps provide a suggested plan of how to get things on the schedule (and off of our mental to-do list). It’s broken down to quarterly (plan vacations and consider taxes, if applicable), monthly (consider goals on the first Monday of the month), weekly (plan dinners), and daily (track health like water intake and workout time). Then, as you look at the month you get a monthly calendar followed by daily pages that help you easily integrate this plan into the planner. Love.

Here’s to a year of Fancy Pants planning!

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