Rent the Runway to the Rescue


Panic. That’s what immediately came to mind when I found out I needed a formal gown for a black tie event in July. Enter Rent the Runway to save the day.

Here’s the backstory. My boyfriend, Adam, and I were headed to Bermuda for Fourth of July weekend, and a black tie event was part of the festivities. Silly me. I assumed that the Bermuda definition of “black tie” was more casual than what it means here. Whoopsie.

I brought my quandary up to my dear friend, Lindsey, who told me about Rent the Runway — this great service where you can rent designer gowns online. Since I didn’t have the funds to drop down for a new formal, I decided to give it a shot. (FYI, folks, RTR did provide my items free of charge.)  

The process to rent my gown was fairly simple. I went online, shared my specifications (like wanting a red gown that was sleeveless), and came across a beautiful Elizabeth and James gown and a Kate Spade gold glitter clutch. I opted to get two sizes of the gown, since the reviews said the dress runs small (I went with an 8 and 10). BTW, Lindsey and I both are firm believers in reading the reviews. Super helpful. 

Two days before Adam and I left, the goodies arrived. I was so glad I’d gotten the two sizes, because the 10 definitely worked best. And it was S-E-X-Y!! I went to the event feeling like the belle of the ball.

Once I got home from the trip, all I had to do was package the dresses and purse back up (no dry cleaning necessary), and UPS it back to RTR. It was simple and easy — and a “fit” (literally!) that I’m eager to try again!

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