Lash Love: A Visit to Elite Beauty Bar

Lashes before (above) and after. (FYI, Lane also gave my brows a little tweezing love.)

Lashes before (above) and after. (FYI, Lane also gave my brows a little tweezing love.)

All lash extensions ARE NOT created equal, folks. I’ve heard horror stories about friends ending up with everything from eye infections to clumpy, unnatural looking lashes when they’ve gone to one of the numerous lash extension studios in the ATL. That’s why when I’m in need of some sassy lashes, I head to Elite Beauty Bar in the Old Fourth Ward ‘hood. 

Elite Beauty Bar is the brainchild of my esthetician, Lane Reid. I met Lane years ago when I was looking for someone to do my bikini waxes. And a few years ago, she added lashes to her treatment menu. Recently, a special occasion was coming up, so I headed to see Ms. Lane for a set of lashes. (Disclaimer, y’all, the set of lashes was done on the house this time.) 

So, how does the process go, you ask? Well, first I laid down on a massage-like table with a pillow under my neck. Next, Lane cleansed my lashes, and then one by one applied individual lashes with tweezers and a tiny bit of glue to each of my existing lashes. (FYI, over time you shed the extensions as your natural eyelashes shed.) 

It took about two hours to get the full set applied. And note, to maintain them, you should plan on returning every two or three weeks for 60-90 minutes. 

Sure, sitting still with my eyes shut for such an extended period can be a little challenging. But, wow, is it worth it! There’s nothing better than rolling out of bed and looking like your lashes have a perfect coat of mascara applied. And, in addition to looking amazing and natural, I haven’t experienced any weird reactions or infections, thanks to how uber clean Lane keeps her treatment rooms and tools. 

So, the next time you’re in need of some luscious lashes, give Lane a try. She’s the kind of lashtetician “fit” every gal needs in her life!

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