Fit and Fine in Finland: A Visit to Hotel St. George Care

st george_3.jpg

“Schluff, schluff!” went the dry exfoliation gloves that my spa therapist, Carol, was rubbing over my body. And this skin renewal was just the beginning, as I was embarking on a 110-minute Holistic Luxury Treatment at Hotel St. George Care.

I was staying at the hotel for an upcoming article that I’m writing and was indulging in a visit to the property’s spa. (So, the treatment was complimentary.). Given the focus of the hotel is on wellness, it’s only logical that the spa aspires to be a sanctuary for rest and relaxation. In addition to the treatment rooms, the space also features a pool and sauna area for guests to enjoy.

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The treatment that I signed up for involved the scrub, a massage, facial, and scalp massage. When it was time fo the treatment to begin, Carol retrieved me from the relaxation room (which was appointed with a few fruit and nut snacks and warm tea) and escorted me to the treatment room.

After an explanation of the treatment, Carol left me to get undressed to my comfort level and get onto the treatment table for the exfoliation. Now, I’m a firm believer in body scrubs (even if they might sound unpleasant, getting rid of dead skin cells is a necessity), and that was the first component of the treatment. It included the gloves, followed by a sugar scrub, on various quadrants of my body.

Next up, Carol had me rinse off in the treatment room shower, and then return to the treatment table for a full-body massage with gold-infused oil. By the end of Carol’s heavenly work, my muscles felt like butter.

The final component of the treatment was a customized facial that, in my case, focused on my dry T zone. So, Carol applied many a sweet-smelling moisturizing lotion and potion to my face. By the end, my skin was glowing and plump from the much-needed attention. (Oh, and it was during one of the masks that I enjoyed the scalp massage that I mentioned earlier.)

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Post-treatment, I returned to the relaxation room and settled into one of those curvy Scandinavian arm charms with a cup of chai tea — and thought about absolutely nothing. It was the perfect end to a lovely spa afternoon.

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