Superior Seafood: A Visit to Boston’s Mooncusser Fish House

mooncusser 1.jpeg

As I lifted the delicate bite of black bass crudo adorned with apple, radish, and ginger to my mouth, I knew that Mooncusser Fish House was about to provide me with a meal to remember.

I’d popped up to Boston for a quick overnight trip to ensure I’d make Delta Gold Medallion status for 2019. (I know, #firstworldproblems.) My one reason for making it an overnight vs. a day trip? The need to have a stellar seafood meal.

After doing some Google research, I found that Mooncusser was a reasonable walk from my hotel (very important, given the just-above-freezing temps and drizzle) and had received a phenomenal review in a Boston magazine I came across. So, I booked a reservation before boarding my flight. And, for the record, I paid for this meal out of my own pocket — Mooncusser had no idea I was coming.

That evening, it was cold and dreary outside — but from where I sat in the top-floor dining room (there’s a more casual bar concept on the ground floor), I was warm and cozy.

In the spirit of trying to be somewhat healthy, while enjoying some beautiful seafood, I opted for the Tasting of Local Fishes Menu. What was on it, you ask? That evening, there was the crudo; a lobster bisque; halibut with pear, turnip, and caviar; and grilled tuna with sun chokes, bacon, and oysters. Oh, and a bit of something sweet (kind of like a rice pudding) with apple and raisins.

mooncusser 2.jpeg
mooncusser 3.jpeg

The menu set me back about $85. Plus, you can pay an additional $75 for wine pairings. (I opted to order two glasses of pinot noir, which worked well with the entire meal.)

My final thoughts? For a multicourse menu of beautiful seafood, it was worth every penny. And the icing on the cake was that the servers were both friendly and attentive. If you’re headed to Boston, don’t miss this seafood “fit!”

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