4 Reasons It’s a Fit: Apple AirPods


“Sweet Caroline — Duh, Duh, Duh!” It was like Neil Diamond was singing directly into my Apple AirPods as I danced around the house finding the perfect songs for an upcoming Exhale cycling class playlist. That’s the moment I asked myself, “Where have these headphones been all my life?”

At first, I thought the AirPods were way too expensive for a set of ear buds. But, gradually, I started to see how the Bluetooth technology could come in handy when listening to tunes/shows on my computer and iPhone, and taking calls when I was driving.

About a month ago, I noticed that a co-worker — Joe — at my job that pays the bills (I’m a communications manager at Georgia Tech) was always wearing his AirPods. When we chatted, he said he thought I’d really like them. But, Joe recommended that I wait a few weeks, because there were rumors that the second generation were about to be released.

With that said, a few weeks ago, I became the proud owner of my own set of pods (and FYI, I was so eager to have them, I paid the $159 price point for these beauties — I didn’t get the wireless charging case). Here are four reasons why the AirPods are a fit for me:

  • Sweet music to my ears. The sound quality is phenomenal on these headphones. I’ve tested them on a run and just dancing around the house, and I always feel like I’m listening to music on a sound system. If anything, I have to be aware of turning the volume down when I’m wearing them at work or on a run, because I want to be aware of what’s going on in my surroundings.

  • A perfect fit. Whenever, I’ve received the Apple earbuds that come with my devices, they’ve never quite fit my ears. So, I was worried that I’d invest the chunk of money in the AirPods only to find that they’d get slippery with sweat and pop out as I was running down the road. But, I have to say that these buds have stayed put in my ears throughout four-mile runs and at-home dancing sessions. (Insert sigh of relief.)

  • Hey, Siri! This is one of the best features of the AirPods. Siri is fully integrated. So, to place a call, play a song, ask for a joke, etc., all I have to do is double tap one of my pods (see instructions for the particular spot to tap). And voila! It is done. I’ve found this especially handy when making phone calls or needing to interface with the phone while in the car.

  • Go device to device — without a lot of fuss. It has always driven me nuts that with other wireless buds it takes a number of steps to move from using them with my computer to my iPhone and vice versa (and I tend to switch between the two devices a lot). But, doing this with the AirPods is easy peasy. All I have to do is go to the Bluetooth option on my device and choose to connect the pods.

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