CBD Sips: Trying Cirrus CBD Sparkling Water

cirrus 2.JPG

A Greek salad with a side of CBD water. It was a simple — but unique — dinner combo that occurred a few Mondays ago when I swapped my Perrier for a Cirrus.

So, about CBD... it’s basically the kale of 2019. There are claims that it can help with issues including anxiety, pain, and insomnia. And yes, it’s legal. (Check out this piece from the Harvard Health Blog for more about the science and specifics about CBD.)

Recently, Second Self Beer Co. got in on the CBD action and launched Cirrus, a line of sparkling water infused with 10 mg of CBD hemp extract. I’ve been curious about CBD, so I jumped at the chance to see what Cirrus is all about. (So, yes, folks, I was provided with complimentary samples to try.)

Now, I am not a doctor or a scientist, so what I’ll focus on is how the waters tasted — and how they made me feel. First off, there are two flavors (with more in the works): Pure and Waikiki. Pure is the unflavored option, while Waikiki is infused with papaya and lychee. 

Flavor-wise, I preferred the Waikiki. It was fruity but not sweet. The Pure was OK, but I noticed a slight taste of something (probably the CBD) when I was expecting it to be totally tasteless. 

cirrus 1.JPG

But, what you really want to know is how I felt after drinking it, right? Well, I had one with dinner two weeks in a row and enjoyed the same relaxed feeling within an hour or two of drinking them. Also, I have to say that I slept more soundly both of those nights than I typically do on weeknights. 

With that said, I would absolutely spend money on these waters in the future. (Cirrus can be purchased at locations across Georgia and Alabama.)

For more about Cirrus, check out this blog from my friends, the Peachtree Roadies. Recently, they interviewed one of the founders, Jason Santamaria, for the 411 on the CBD.

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