Stretching My Limits at STRETCH Kinetics

Relief. That’s what I finally felt during a visit to STRETCH Kinetics (SK) as Erin Policelli stretched out the groin/hip area on my left side that forever gives me grief.

We hear a lot about massage, acupuncture, and other therapies to help with muscle tightness and pain. But, what intrigued me about Erin’s practice (she’s founder and owner of SK) is that it’s based around physical therapy and stretching. So, when she invited me to come in for a session (so, yes, it was complimentary), I gladly accepted.

The studio is located in the Buckhead ‘hood of Atlanta in an area where there is plenty of free parking. (Automatic gold star for that!) When I walked in the door, Erin greeted me and escorted me back to one of the treatment rooms for my initial consultation, which took about 45 minutes.

Erin’s background is in nursing and physical therapy, and she’s been stretching clients in Atlanta for more than 11 years. We chatted about my existing aches and pains, and then Erin started stretching me. (FYI, be sure to wear athletic wear that you’re comfortable being stretched around in.)

Erin and her team of therapists use NeuroKinetic Stretch Therapy, which combines customized stretch therapy with manual and movement therapies, focusing on the myofascial, neurologic, and joint systems. (Head over to SK’s website for more on this.)

She explained that during a session, she lets the client’s body guide her to what to pay attention to. So, just because you might come in saying that your glutes are achy, doesn’t mean that Erin will just focus on that. This makes total sense to me as often the muscle that is aching isn’t really the root cause of the pain.

In addition to the stretching that Erin did to my groin/hip area, she also showed me exercises to do that could help with the joint mobility in the hips and in my ankles (which she thinks could also be contributing to the issues in my hip area).


I left the session feeling less tightness and like I’d learned something new about how lack of joint mobility can contribute to the muscle pain I experience. Now, I’ll add that for this therapy to be effective, I think you need commit to it on a regular basis. For example, many of Erin’s patients see her weekly or a few times a month.

With that said, if I have an injury or or another issue in the future, I will absolutely seek out Erin’s expertise. I’m glad I came across her while I’m healthy so that I have her in my back pocket when I need her!

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