Biocircuit Sweat Session: The Refinery’s Secret Workout Weapon


It knew. What I mean is that the techno-savvy Biocircuit chest press machine at The Refinery knew how to set itself up to my body and challenge me through a set of exercises. I’d never seen anything like the Biocircuit by Technogym — and I was impressed.

The Refinery, a fitness training club in west Midtown Atlanta, is one of the few gyms in the country to offer the Biocircuit technology, which provides a personalized strength and cardio workout. Recently, I was invited in for a workout with a trainer and to check out the Biocircuit (so, yes, my experience was complimentary).

First off, the gym is massive and filled with all of the latest cardio and resistance-training equipment. I really appreciate that The Refinery aims to give guests the most bang they can get for their buck. For example, you have access to boutique fitness studio classes, Pilates training sessions, personal and small group training, the Biocircuit, and open gym space with cardio and weight equipment where you can do your own thing — all in one location.

I was introduced to Wes, the program director for The Refinery, who first had me download the Mywellness app. We added my information to it, and then the Biocircuit setup began. The first time you go through the cardio and weight machines (the circuit includes treadmills, bikes, and upper- and lower-body weight machines), a trainer takes you through each one to ensure that you are setup correctly and those settings are saved. (In the future, the equipment will autoset to fit your body.)

We chose from a variety of program options including Start Moving, Lose Weight, and Boost Performance. This selection then influences the resistance/challenge you feel at each machine. On each machine, Wes also had me do an initial strength test, which establishes your strength training program and weight levels for future workouts. And then, you’re good to go.


The beauty of the Biocircuit is that when you’re ready to workout, you just step up to the kiosk at the circuit, and login with your phone. The kiosk then directs you to your first station, which is autoset for you. After two laps around the Biocircuit (which takes about 30 minutes), you’ve received a custom workout — on your schedule. I tried the Boost Performance program and was blown away by how the machines pushed me, in terms of resistance and speed. It still blows my mind that technology can be so intuitive.


Even better, everyone gets a free week trial that includes a Biocircuit demo, open gym access, group classes, and small group training. So, why wouldn’t you give this FWABulous “fit” a try?

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