Tuning In: A Singing Bowl Session at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess

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“Dong!” The vibration of the water-filled Tibetan bowl placed on my lower back that was just thumped with a mallet spread through my body. Welcome to the 60-minute singing bowl therapy offered at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess Well & Being Spa.

The resort and it’s 44,000-square-foot spa had come highly recommended to me by a friend and fellow luxury travel writer. (Thanks again, David!) So, I was visiting the Princess for an article I’m writing for one fo the pubs I work with (and yes, the treatment was complimentary).

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From the innovative fitness programming and menu of spa treatments to amenities like the luxe Dyson Hair Dryers available in the locker rooms and the rooftop pool just for spa guests, I’m telling you — this spa is what others aspire to be.

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Of course, the treatment menu offers more traditional options like facials and massages. But, I was also drawn to the section of the menu that focuses on healing therapies (think things like acupressure and Reiki). That’s where I came across the singing bowl therapy.

I opted for the treatment because I was intrigued by the idea that these vibrating bowls placed on various spots of your body could help remove energy blocks and promote good health. The vibrations are actually supposed to impact your body on a cellular level, providing a sort of cellular massage. (Check out this Organic Spa Magazine article for a bit more about how this type of treatment works.)

When it was time, Jennifer (my therapist), escorted me to the treatment room and explained what was to come. Jennifer said that when she finds a spot on the body where energy is blocked from flowing, the sound the bowl makes when she strikes it is a dull “thud” versus the vibrating “dong” that I described earlier. So, if she found an area where a dull noise occurred, she’d focus on that until the sound was clear and soothing. Then, she’d move the bowl around my body to the next area and repeat.

I opted to lie face-down (but you do have a choice), and Jennifer told me I could keep my robe on. And for the next hour, I relaxed on the table as Jennifer played my personal “song” — which I have to say was “thud” free. (BTW, I totally attribute my good energy to the peace and luxury I enjoyed during my visit to the Princess!)

I left the session feeling like the time had been well spent and more relaxed than I felt when I started. Would I recommend it to you? Absolutely. Hey, I’ll try any therapy that leaves me feeling peaceful and tuned in to my body!

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