Nailing It: A Mani-Pedi at Atlanta’s Swatch Box


Freshly painted pink or red nails. It’s one of those little details that makes me feel pretty and pulled together. That’s why every two to three weeks, you can find me at Buckhead Atlanta’s Swatch Box. 

Let elaborate a bit about how pretty nails relate to my approach to wellness. For me, looking good means feeling good. So, elements of my beauty routine factor into my mental wellness.

Almost two years ago, I was introduced to the beauty spot by a PR friend. I was invited in for a complimentary pedicure, and since it was so close to my home, I jumped at the opportunity. 

One of the first things that I loved about Swatch Box was the space, which is a little white cottage off of one of Buckhead’s side streets. The color scheme is white and cherry red, and there’s plenty of natural light. Even on a dreary day, it’s a cheerful spot. Plus, everything from the pillows on the pedicure bench to the polishes are always neat and organized, and the space is clean. It’s just a happy place to be. 


Then, there’s my nail technician, Maria. On that first visit, she greeted me with a glass of wine, and her friendly and professional personality. It was a bonus that she did such a beautiful job shaping and painting my nails. After that first visit, I was hooked. 

Since I noticed that the spot used the brand of gel polish I was using (CND Shellac), I returned within a few weeks to see Maria for a gel manicure. Again, she made my nails look beautiful, and she introduced me to OPI Gel Polish, which I ended up liking better than the Shellac. Since then, my visits for “The Fast” mani and pedi (with gel for the mani) have been regular. 


And a few weeks ago, Maria told me her good news — she is now co-owner of Swatch Box! In the time that I’ve known Maria, I’ve watched her put endless energy into supporting this business, and making each client feel special and appreciated. I’ve watched her train and nurture new nail technicians. Maria is the heart that keeps Swatch Box beating, and I can’t wait to see what’s next for the business under her leadership. 

So, whether you want a basic mani, SNS, gel, or acrylic, give Swatch Box a try. If you’re anything like me, you’re going to leave with nails that are a 10 — and a big old smile on your face. 

Until next time, follow my adventures on Instagram and Pinterest — and here’s to a FWABulous day, friends!