Turning the Tables: Getting Quoted in NBCNews.com Piece on Best Headphones for Workouts

NBC News_headphones.png

Headphones. Figuring out which ones to invest in for your workouts can be overwhelming. That’s why I jumped at the chance to share my opinion with my friend and colleague, Locke Hughes, who was looking for fitness professionals to share their thoughts for an NBCNews.com article.

This is the second time I’ve had the chance to see myself quoted in my capacity as a fitness teacher at Exhale. I’m really proud of the role I play teaching classes at this international fitness studio and spa brand. So, it’s pretty neat to get to represent Exhale in this way. 

Also, I’m so glad that Locke included me in this particular piece, because I wanted to read it as much as I wanted to provide my thoughts for it. The other fitness teachers and trainers quoted have suggested some solid choices. 

So, what did I recommend? Well, you’ll have to give the article I read to find out the details. Happy reading! And thanks again, Locke!

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