Tortilla Royalty: A Visit to Ford Fry’s Little Rey


Wood-roasted chicken, ranch beans, and a little guacamole all wrapped up in a fresh tortilla equals my idea of heaven. So, I might need to start conducting my weekly Mexican food worship at Ford Fry’s latest addition to the restaurant scene, Little Rey. 

As I’ve mentioned before, delicious food and drink make me happy, and happiness is key to wellness. I practice good eating habits much of the time, so I don’t feel guilty when I have a meal that’s more indulgent.  


A few months ago, the casual, counter-service eat spot popped up in between Buckhead and Midtown Atlanta. And recently, I was invited in to give Little Rey’s signature bites and sips a taste. (So, yes, dinner was complimentary.) 

Fry has become one of Atlanta’s best-known restauranteurs. And based on how busy Little Rey’s patio and indoor seating was was on a Wednesday night, he’s as popular as ever. (If you can walk, scoot, or Uber, go ahead, as parking can be a bit hard to come by around dinner time.)  


I’d recruited Jamie (my boyfriend and eating partner in crime) to join me, which means that there were twice as many taste buds (and bellies) to enjoy the food. And our order did not disappoint. We tried queso, guac, and chips; the pollo al carbon (which is enough chicken, flour or corn tortillas, smoked onions and jalapeños, ranch beans, and cilantro rice for two); the La Superica salad; and margaritas. 


Sure, there are other tastes I’d like to try on the menu like the queso fries and the smoked wings. But, I was really pleased with the dishes we enjoyed. Friends, every bite was delicious (see the aftermath of our eating and drinking below). But, the original chicken, bean, guac in a fresh tortilla combo was easily my favorite. (My mouth is watering as I type this.) 


So, the next time you’re hankering for a taco or two, channel your regal side and head to Little Rey. Your belly will thank me.   

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