The Lowdown on Lash Lifts: My First Piece for American Spa Magazine

American Spa_Lash Lifts_Aug 19.png

Lash lifts. I’ve heard that this treatment is almost as good as getting lash extensions — but the maintenance isn’t as costly or time-consuming. And recently, I got to learn exactly what the process entails, thanks to my first article for American Spa Magazine.

As I always explain on this website, my wellness plan entails many things. For example, I eat beautiful (and not always the healthiest) food and enjoy cocktails and fine wine, because they make me happy. And happiness is essential to wellness. And I get my nails done and get certain areas waxed, because that makes me feel pretty and sexy — and confident. Looking good equals feeling good. Again, something that’s essential to my wellness plan.

With that said, having luscious lashes factors into the beauty component of said plan. So, I was glad to have an excuse to learn more about the lash lift, as it was a treatment that I was a bit hesitant to try (as I didn’t really understand what it entailed).

If you’re curious, too, then check out the article, which features the step-by-step process that the Biltmore Hotel Spa pro follows when she performs the lifts. Then, you can decide if this might be a beauty “fit” for you.

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